Welcome to the Association of Administrative Professionals OTTAWA Branch. Officially chartered in September 2019, we have reinstated the branch as of September 2018, to provide administrative professionals in the Ottawa and surrounding area with opportunities to network, to socialize with like-minded professionals, to challenge themselves and expand their skills and knowledge by volunteering within the Branch’s various roles, and to enhance their résumé by a membership in a professional association.

The focus of the Branch programs is on educational topics. We attract excellent speakers on relevant topics. With the creation of the Ottawa Branch, we want to attract those in the administrative profession who are looking for a local chapter, a place to learn and grow with their peers, and a desire for monthly education sessions and networking.

The Branch has connected with the local educational institutions and participate on their Advisory boards (ie: Algonquin College Office Administration Advisory Board).

The Branch’s strategic direction is the guide for becoming established and moving forward successfully. Its vision is to be an innovative and dynamic association for administrative professionals in Ottawa and the surrounding regions. Its mission is to provide a professional and supportive environment, to encourage administrative professionals in their pursuit of career and personal development. And its purpose is to provide education and professional development opportunities, increase the Branch’s profile within the community, motivate and mentor members into participative and leadership roles. The Branch’s goals flow from it.

Kim Picard
President, Ottawa Branch

Association of Administrative Professionals