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For more information, email the CCAP National Coordinator at aap.national.coordinator@canadianadmin.ca.


Why do I need to renew every three years?
CCAP graduates are required to renew their certification every three years by earning Certification Renewal Credits (CRCs) through workplace training, involvement in the Association and other professional, educational and community activities. These certification credits will be very “attainable” accompanied with a letter of recognition available to submit to your employer or for your personal portfolio. This renewal process is in line with most professional bodies that bestow designations.
How do I know if I have to renew my CCAP certification?
Anyone in the CCAP program that became a member in 2010 onward must renew their certification. Each year anyone graduating that must renew their certification has been informed and provided with information. As well, the CCAP National Coordinator will be contacting anyone that must renew their certification.
What do I need to do to renew my CCAP certification?
You must earn 40 CRCs every 3 years. Proof of credits must be submitted to the CCAP Certification National Coordinator.
How do I earn certification renewal credits?
Credits are earned through workplace training, involvement in the Association and other professional, educational and community activities. A full list is available in the Certification Renewal Application.
How are the credits submitted?
The information is recorded on the Certification Renewal Application and submitted along with any supporting documentation to the CCAP Certification National Coordinator.
How often can I submit information about renewal credits earned during the three year period?
You can submit your renewal tracking form any time during the 3 year period. If you want to submit a tracking form every time you earn credits towards your renewal you can or you can accumulate them and submit them annually or all just prior to the end of your three year period.
What happens if I can’t earn 40 credits in the three years?
CRCs are very attainable. It is not the intention of the Association to make it difficult for anyone to earn enough credits. The CCAP Certification National Coordinator will be communicating with you and tracking your process throughout the three year period. Any difficulties earning credits should be discussed with the Coordinator.
How soon can I start earning CRCs?
You may begin earning points toward certification renewal immediately upon receiving your designation. Points cannot be carried over for a future certification renewal period.
What happens if I don’t submit 40 CRCs every three years?
In order to maintain the use of the CCAP designation you must renew it. If it is not renewed then you cannot continue to use the CCAP designation.
How do I provide the branch meeting registration/attendance proof that the Certification Renewal Application requires?
If your branch uses applications like Eventbrite or PayPal, you could pull and provide a history of your orders. Alternatively, the Branch Event Tracker may be used. Print the branch events tracker, bring it to each event you attend, and ask an executive committee member to initial it as verification of your attendance. Provide the completed branch events tracker when it is time to submit the certification renewal application.